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Calvary Messages are broadcast freely to millions of listeners through the local radio stations weekly. Lives are being transformed, and souls are saved. Believers are challenged to hold fast the professes their faith in the cross of Christ, from where all blessings come. The message of the cross enables you to place your confidence on the cross of Christ thereby giving the Holy Spirit the latitude to empower you for victorious Christian living. Most of our messages are free and can be download online; those on CD's and Tapes are are sold at production cost. Should you be interested in a specific broadcast, please contact us with the title, time and day of broadcast.


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An Expository Teaching of the Hebrew Epistles

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When you order for these series you will receive a free book with your order, which you can read and study along with these messages as you play it, and listen to it with your friends and love ones. These message are in series and it is  available in CD's and Tapes. In this message you will understand: The Priestly ministry of Christ; the Tabernacle and  its significance as it relates to the contemporary Church setting; the great cloud of witnesses, the benefits of the cross of Christ; the finished work of Christ; the supremacy of Christ. You will learn how to have victory over the sin nature;  and you will be able to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life.  Order you copy now!



(Volume Two)



"But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercise to discern both good and evil"  Hebrews 5:14


My New Nature in Christ (Volume two) is a  unique intensive, devotional book that covers one year studies. It is specially prepared for believers in Christ, desiring growth in God's grace, and excellence in life and ministry. It contains daily inspirational messages and memory verses; and reviving gospel hymns. it is an advance devotional book. This book is useful for family or personal devotion and quite time..

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