Calvary Tower is the official building of HOROM INTERNATIONAL. Horom International is a Christian humanitarian mission agency, which engages in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ; to a hurting, needy and perverse world. Our message is centre on the cross of Christ from where all blessing emanate.  Our ministry's name - Hour of Renewal Outreach is based on  Ephesians 4:23  "Be  renew in the spirit of your mind" Calvary Tower is the proposed administrational centre of the Hour of Renewal Outreach Ministries International. It is divided into twelve (12) departments, to efficiently reach out  and fulfill our vision and mission through the proclamation of the message of the cross of Christ to a lost and perverted world; and to efficiently redirect the contemporary church settings to the cross of Christ "where by faith we first saw the light".  We proclaim  Calvary message of courage, consolation, and edification to the body of Christ in general.

Calvary Tower will include: Community Christian Radio station that will reach out to millions of listeners (24/7) 24hours daily. It will include the School of Ministry and Prayer; Conference hall seating about 500 People;  Christian lending Library with internet facilities, and media publication, as well as car parking lots.  The following are the twelve major departments of  Calvary Tower, which makes up Horom International. These departments are aimed towards  establishing a permanent, and beneficial change in the lives of men; and move the society forward towards her real need, which is "Christ in you the hope of glory." We  need your prayers and financial support in building Calvary Tower; Please Click here to donate  towards the establishment of Calvary Tower.



With a gift of N3000.00 or more we will send you a copy of this New Book by Brother Osaretin Ogbeide-Ihama, as well as the Audio Cd : The Five Leviticus offerings in Relation to the cross of Christ. You will be be greatly blessed and become a blessing as you will understand the biblical sacrificial system as it relates to your everyday walk of faith in Christ. And be able to properly appropriate the victory of Christ over the  sin nature, the world and the devil.  





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