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in relation to the CROSS OF CHRIST

With a gift of N3000.00 or more we will send you a copy of this New Book by Brother Osaretin Ogbeide-Ihama, as well as the Audio Cd : The Five Leviticus offerings in Relation to the cross of Christ. You will be be greatly blessed and become a blessing as you will understand the biblical sacrificial system as it relates to your everyday walk of faith in Christ. And be able to properly appropriate the victory of Christ over the  sin nature, the world and the devil. Please use the form and banking details above to make your donation. be sure to submit a orrect address to enable us mail your order. God bless you.




Your gift enables us air Calvary message through the local radio stations and media houses. Your gifts enables us print and distributes countless thousands of Free Gospel Tracts. Your commitment and support to this ministry enables us publish and distribute Daily Devotional Materials to new coverts and those in their cross-roads. Our vision is to establish a 24 hour Christian Radio Station , which will enable us broadcast the message of the cross of Christ 24/7 across the nation. Please click Calvary Tower for further details.


We are praying for you daily and thank you for your faithfulness and all the support we are receiving from you. We will love you to partnership with us in this endtime souls harvest; this will enable us keep you updated of our outreach progress ; send you free edifying materials and new products, keep you and your family in our prayer list.

One of the greatest thing that can ever happen to you is the harvest you reap when you sow your seed faith into this endtime souls harvest. God and You make up the unbeatable team.  If God says it; believe it, and He will do it! Take up your seed now and step into this divine commitment of breakthroughs in every area of your life. We now invite you to join endtime harvesters; let your seed counts in God's kingdom.


Win a Soul! it is the right thing to do! Somebody is waiting for you some where around the glob! join us to reach them,  you may not be able to go physically but your prayerful and financial support can enable Horom affect lives positively to God's glory.  Join us make somebody's life worthwhile,  join us spread the word of God all over the world, so we could both rejoice together and receive a glorious commendation from the Lord of the harvest "Well done, good and faithful servant, ... enter thou into the joy of thy lord" Matthew 25:23. Take a step of faith right now ! Please fill the form below and make a divine commitment to the Lord of the harvest now to support our ministry for continuous proclamation and publication of the message of the cross of Christ!



Yes! Lord Jesus Christ my family and I make this end-time Harvest commitment today, to support the Hour Of Renewal Outreach Ministries to proclaim the message of the cross of Christ!  We / I  vow to keep this confession right, and to keep the faith pure. As Horom reaches out to souls these last days through this seed-faith, our lives will be transformed and tremendously blessed. The windows of Heaven will be open to my family and me. Right now! we boldly come into God's throne and receive mercy and grace to help in times of need. We declare that we are soul winners. We are wise, your word says: "HE THAT WINNETH A SOUL IS WISE" Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, protection, and tender mercies. We declare breakthroughs by faith now in every area of our lives in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.




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