Soul winning is the greatest kingdom investment you could ever make on earth. It is so vitally rewarding and pleasing to the Lord of the harvest - Jesus Christ; that He requested our continuous wiliness, commitment; and prayer for faithful soul winners to stand up to this endtime responsibility. "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest" (Matthew 9:37-38) It is only through our commitment to the course of the gospel of Christ that a permanent and beneficial change will be established in the lives of others. For this reason Hour of Renewal Outreach Ministry needs your prayerful support and involvement in Endtime Souls Harvesting.

This is an estimated population figures of 2002
Bangladesh= population 124 Million Muslims
Indonesia = population 177 Million Muslims
Pakistan= population 147 Million Muslims
India= population 135 Million Muslims
Iran= population 69 Million Muslims.

Friend God is counting on you and I to reach our world with His renewing word, which is able to save souls. We would like you to prayerful ask Him where and how to plant your seeds on a good soil so as to harvest with the harvesters. We are in the last days and you cannot afford to waste your seeds on the stony ground, nor should you sow amongst thorns, neither should you cast your seeds on the wayside open to vandalism. Not every ground is good! Ask the Lord to direct you to a good, quality-producing ground, a place where God stamped His Name; only there will your seed yield harvest and you will rejoice. Become a soul-winning partner with Hour of Renewal Outreach Ministries. Soul winning is the best kingdom fulfilling investment you could ever make on earth these last days.  Please prayerfully choose which area of Endtime Souls Harvesting you which to support and become a part of.  The three major area of our Soul Wining Program are: Media Broadcasting, Publications of Literatures, and Supportive Programmes.


Broadcasting: Partners helps to keep Calvary message on air. All funds are directed towards broadcasting the message of the cross of Christ in radio stations around the nation and the world. Also for the production of Audio / DVD materials. We encourage you to support Calvary Message monthly, quarterly, annually or on regular basis.

Publication of Literatures: Partners helps to keep the printing and free circulation of Gospel Tracts; publication of devotional materials, and Christian literatures (Books and Manuals). Most of our Christian literatures are distributed as we receive support from partners; some are sold on production cost. Many churches, schools, ministries and individuals orders for these free gospel tracts for corporate evangelism or personal gospel witnessing.

Supportive Programmes: Partners helps to keep community campaigns,  establishing of Christian libraries and  teaching centres, organizing of crusades, open-air meetings and conferences. And the ongoing Calvary Tower, where we proposed to establish community Christian radio station to run 24hours daily.

We encourage you to prayerfully join your hands with ours in spreading the gospel of the kingdom of God to lost humanity. By becoming an Endtime Souls Harvester you agreed to continue in prayer and financial support our ministry. You and your family are added into our prayer list and intercessory network. God' is faithful to His promises, and will bless your labour of love and seed-faith, tithe, offerings or partner gifts. As a partner helping to keep the proclamation of the message of the cross of Christ; you and your family will constantly receive accurate report, proofs of your financial, material and prayerful support. You will also be receiving  free Videos / Audio CD and bi-monthly reports, testimonies and other Christian edifying materials from this ministry. We believe you have a choice to chose where to evangelize in the world and channel your seed-faith towards Endtime Souls Harvest. Please fill and submit the form below to become a faithful partners.


Please take a few minutes to fill and submit the form below to become a faithful partners.  

Once you signup to be a soul harvester, you will be directed to our our detail page containing our banking details and other necessary information you might require. God bless.



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